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February 9, 2011

Weigh In #9

I realize I am so bad at posting updates to this blog.  I honestly expected this to be a pretty exciting adventure where I could post all the cool experiences I've been having.  So far, it has been pretty boring.  Last Friday, I weighed myself again and lost 2 pounds for the week.  I am able to eat an incredible amount of food though, and I'm worried that I don't have the will to limit myself.  Sandra's been super helpful at cooking dinners at home so we eat out less, but we both find that we are wanting snacks at night.  It's not a problem for Sandra who never gains or loses weight, but I feel like I am hitting a wall with my weight loss.  I still don't know how much it costs to have my band filled, so I'm worried about going so often.

I am reading a book for a discussion being held on campus this month.  It is called Such a Pretty Face: Being Fat in America, and although it is 30 years old, it is amazingly relevant to weight issues today.  Once I finish it, I will post the review here and on my other blog.  The discussion is supposed to be the last full week of February and is part of Body Image Awareness Week.  I'm hoping I can bring some unique perspective to the discussion as a male who struggles with weight, has had weight loss surgery and also experiencing two small children old enough to start recognizing that people are viewed differently based on appearance.  I'll let you know how it goes.


shellycoulter said...

Interesting. What do you mean when you say "old enough to start recognizing that people are viewed differently based on appearance." Just an interesting thought. Do you mean they are realizing that society views people differently or you just think they notice how people come in different sizes,shapes, colors, heights, etc. That's just interesting to me since I work with preschoolers all the time. I know Emerson is older...but just wondering what got you thinking in that direction. I know that is not the main point of this blog!

Way to go with the continued weight loss. :) Maybe you and Sandra should make some rules to get through the evening munchies. snacking after 7:30...or we can snack but it has to be healthy snacks only. Just take all the unhealthy stuff out of your house. :)

That book discussion sounds interesting. Is it in the evening?

Keep up the working out! You are rockin' that!

Danny said...

Dude if I lived in Laramie I'd work out with you daily. Hang in there bro. It helps me to focus on how far I've come and all the many reasons I want to get to my target weight of 200lbs. Then there are days I still hit the pizza and ice-cream like tomorrow will never come. I have a love/hate relationship with family movie nights here at our house. You're a good man on a tough journey John.

Jon Kelly said...

So my blog didn't notify me of these comments and I just saw them! Sorry guys. Thanks Danny - you're doing so awesome in your own journey. Someday, I'll join you at the 200lb mark!

Shelly - Emerson especially is learning that people are viewed differently based on their appearance. She is learning from her friends that if a boys wears xxx whatever that he will be made fun of. She worries about wearing glasses because she is afraid that the kids in class will make fun of her. The book discussion really sparked it because it is about body image and it is really interesting to see what she is learning from other children about how to view people. I think she learned quite a while ago about the differences in sizes, shapes, color of people. Thankfully she has been exposed to a lot of various types of people. As limited as Laramie might be, she has more exposure to all kinds of people and ethnicities.