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March 31, 2011

American Idol

   I'll start by admitting that Simon was my favorite judge on American Idol.  Yeah, he came across pretty mean at times and there were times where I truly feel he was looking for the most ridiculous and over the top comment possible, but he was generally right.  I wasn't sure how this year would go for me since we have new judges.  How many times can you listen to Randy tell someone it was pitchy, or (insert generic female judge) telling them how beautifully they sang or how pretty they are?  I will also admit that I am very tired of how much praise the judges give, because I don't feel like they are giving much in the way of honest criticism or constructive advice...but I really like the new lineup.  I just wish they could be a little more brutally honest about some of the singing going on.

   The singing itself is pretty good this year.  Rather than doing a recap of the show, I just want to comment on my favorite song of the night and tell you who I think will be leaving the show.  Casey Abrams is a weird dude in a really cool sort of way.  He is the friend that at times you might be embarrassed of, but at other times, he's the guy you want running in your circle. It was Elton John week and he performed Your Song.  This week he toned it down a little and even trimmed up his beard.  I think he does an awesome job of getting the emotion of the song and shows a bit of his softer side.  The raspy quality he throws in his voice is pretty sweet too.

   There are other folks who are pretty good though.  Pia who continually sings ballads and loves to show how nice the roof of her mouth and her teeth are - always does well.  Scott seems pretty talented and comfortable on stage too, although he is 100% a country singer...and looks like the kid from Mad Magazine.  

   Tonight, two people are going home since the judges used the save last week.  If I could pick my ideal "top two losers," I am hoping that Thia Megia goes home since she's just so boring, and I would pick Paul McDonald because I can't stand his crackly voice and flower suit.  There you have it...what did you think about last nights show?  Thanks for stopping by!