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March 30, 2011

NCAA...or bust!

   I am pretty much a bust.  I actually took some time to research teams this year for the NCAA tournament. I thought it would be sweet when I could make those awesome picks!  I checked out teams and looked at numbers like average points scored vs points allowed the team record when playing against the top 25 ranked teams.  Some were picked for various reasons not related to performance - Clemson because that's my dad's team, Xavier because that is my friend's son's name, things like that.  This past Sunday, North Carolina was my last great hope.  I picked them to win the whole thing by defeating Kansas.  What a let down!  I read somewhere online that out of the 5.2 million entries in the ESPN Bracket Bound contest, only 2 managed to pick the final four.  Now, I'm hoping that Butler or VCU can win the whole thing - probably VCU since they had to play in (Oh sorry, they won the first round). If your bracket turned out like mine...better luck next year!