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March 23, 2011

You Capture - Youth

I've been such a slacker at this blog lately.  In reality, I've been a slacker at life lately.  It isn't that I'm not really trying or anything, but that I don't feel much in the way of motivation.  Everyone goes through a little funk every now and then.  This past weekend, on top of being sick, my family drove to Loveland to celebrate the birthday for Sandra's Grandpa who turned 81.

Braeden is always ready to put on a show, or have a complete meltdown.  It all depends on the situation.  In this case, he was having a good time!  He managed to make it through the entire dinner and never even tried to get down from the table.  I love the picture with Braeden and Sandra because it's so sweet and she just looks good!

Landen on the other hand did fine for the first hour-ish and then just didn't want to be in a seat anymore.  He already had to endure the hour long ride to Cheyenne and then down to Loveland.  We let him help Great Grandpa blow out the candles!  Sometimes, Great Grandpa gets just as restless as Landen. 

My little girl Emerson is my firstborn.  She is 6 easily going on 16.  I love it when she starts giggling like she is with Aunt Katie.  She loves art and is probably the sweetest and most caring person I've ever met.  She genuinely cares about people which is a fantastic quality.  The other day, she saw one of those Subway commercials where the people talk in little kid voices.  It cracked her up a LOT and then she told me they sounded like Justin Bieber!!  That cracked me up a LOT too! 

I'll finish with what probably ended up being my favorite image of the night.  This is Ian and his dad.  I believe Ian is 13, and he has muscular dystrophy.  He is incredibly smart and remembers details so well.  If you get the chance, ask him about flowers or trains.  He knows his stuff.  He was just messing around with dad, so I snapped a picture.  They were having so much fun.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Make sure to head over to I Should be Folding Laundry and see the pictures other people took for the "youth" theme.  I hope you enjoy them all!