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April 28, 2011

This past weekend, we were doing some fun activities with the kids.  Apparently, Landen wasn't
thinking those activities were too fun.  He wandered the house while we were coloring eggs,
and came back with this.  The images of concentration were Landen trying to get his blanket
 laid out correctly and set up the wipes and diaper so he could change the "baby."

I really love taking pictures of Landen's face because even though he is getting that
"little boy" look, he still has those amazingly chubby cheeks.

When he looked up and noticed I had the camera, I had to distract him..."Show me your tongue Landen!"

He's a pretty OCD kid when it comes to keeping himself clean.  He is a little over two years old and constantly asks for "cough coughs" to wipe his face.  He even uses his spoon to clean his face when he's eating applesauce or yogurt.  Of course he has to clean the baby's face too.

He was so proud of himself for getting everything in the right place.  I love when he calls out "Look at me!"

I hope you enjoyed your own Easter weekend and that we all remember to slow down and enjoy our kids while they are still little.  I don't do that enough.