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April 1, 2011

Weigh In #11

The last time I posted a weight here, it was 265. That was over a month ago. I mentioned in a subsequent post that I was simply holding steady and hadn't lost any weight.  I went and got my band filled again, and they added only 1cc of fluid.  That sure doesn't seem like much, but I am the most restricted I've ever been and I actually notice it now.  Especially when I eat certain types of breads or something mushy like a french fry.  Food is getting stopped at the opening of my stomach and it gets pretty uncomfortable.  Thankfully, I'm still not having issues with things like PB (productive burping) which is a disgusting term they give at my clinic for the process where you body produces mucous to get food through or bring it back up.

I have had a few times where I needed to stand up and walk around, or even drink some water to get food through.  My only option at that point is to find a way to force it through, or find a way to bring it back up. There's some definite discomfort when it is forced through, but I think it's better than the alternative.

I also finally made it back to the gym this week.  I started slacking and went through a little bit of a funk for a few weeks there.  I only went a couple times, then didn't go at all for two full weeks.  That is pretty bad on my part.  The pre-approval process for surgery included a psychological evaluation because a lot of people struggle with depression with weight loss or more specifically having to learn to deal with whatever the person was avoiding by eating.  This week, I went to the gym four times - 3 of which I did the Couch to the 5k program and one time spent on an elliptical.  If I drop dead next week trying to increase my running with the second week of the 5k program, I'll ask Sandra to notify you by posting a blog here.

Anyway, I am glad to be back at it, and feel like I am back on track a bit.  Last week after my fill, I still weighed in at 264 which is a total weight loss of 60 pounds.  This morning, I weighed in at 259.8 so I'm officially down 64 pounds!  I haven't seen the 250's in probably 9 years.  I feel really good and feel that I'm starting to look good, although I still have a ways to go.  Thanks for stopping by!


Littlebit said...

Hey cutey..I'm so happy for you! Congrats on your weightloss. Slow and steady now. LLY