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April 13, 2011

You Capture - Smile

I really love my kids.  There is no one anywhere that can frustrate me, inspire me, captivate me and melt my heart like they do.  Since I don't see them a lot during the day, I grabbed the camera after bath time to get some pictures of them for this week's You Capture.  

I'll start with Landen.  He is two and is about the most active kid ever.  He figured out how to climb onto the kitchen counters now without needing a chair and sometimes when you tell him no for something, he is devastated.  His head lowers, lip stuck out and walks away dejected.  He loves to play peekaboo though.

Braeden can be the sweetest boy in the world, but only if he wants to be.  Try to force him and it's a losing battle.  Most of the time, he runs from the camera, but this night, he was willing to just give me a sweet look and then beg to see the pictures on the camera's little screen.

I love when the kids just sit together and mommy plays with them.  There's something special about my wife Sandra and how kids interact with her.  It's like they can't help but love her...I understand that part though.  I sat down and she just kept jumped out from behind me on either side "scaring" them.  They love it!

Finally, I started with Landen and I"ll end with him.  He loves to climb up on the top bunk in his room and many times, you'll walk in to him standing with his hands touching the ceiling yelling what sounds an awful lot like "Hallelujah."  I have no idea what he is really trying to say though.  He just looked happy so I snapped his picture.  I hope you enjoy them.  If you'd like to join in with your own pictures for You Capture, just click the link below to check it out.  



Jen said...

What cuties and those rosy cheeks are adorable!

Laura said...

what a sweet post!

Laura said...

what a sweet post!