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May 13, 2011

30 for 30 Day 11 and 12

So I posted about day 11, but for some reason it is missing after Blogger went down for a day. Hopefully it will come back at some point, but I'll summarize here just in case. I flat out told Sandra I didn't feel like doing it. It was snowing outside and I just plain didn't feel like it. Thankfully, she is amazing and encouraged me to at least bust out the Wii Fit. I did and managed to do 30 minutes of the free step. Basically, you start the program running and it makes the controller beep and you step on and off the platform along with the pattern. You can turn on a television show or movie while you do it because you have the controller telling you what to do rather than the screen. It was pretty cool.

Last night was a different story. My back was hurting a bit yesterday and kept "pinching." For anyone who doesn't know, I herniated a disk and had surgery back in 2008. Anyway, a combination of that, plus falling asleep on our couch about 8pm means I missed my workout! However, I am not willing to simply accept failure!!

I rode my bike to work today and am riding a little extra to get the full 30 minutes. I will be over 30 total for the day once I ride home. However, since I missed yesterday, I am going to attempt a double workout. Sometime before Monday, I am going to have a day where I do a full hour, just to stay on top of the game. If I could bother to get my tail out of bed in the morning, I'd go to the gym AND bike, so we'll see how it works out. I've also got a sick little girl, a planned BBQ tonight and a birthday party in Cheyenne tomorrow. No excuses though. I am going to make it happen!