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May 18, 2011

30 for 30 Day 16

My favorite activities on the Wii Fit are the balancing juggle, kung foo and the party line. In the balancing juggle thing, you have to balance left/right on the board and then people throw you balls that you have to fake juggle by swinging your arms up and down when the ball is at your hand on the screen. It is so much harder to do than it should be, but it is awesome. In the kung foo activity, you are watching people that mirror you and you do various movements in pattern. You are the person in the middle with two people on either side of you. The outside person does it first, then the next and you finish up trying to follow the pattern. Landen laughs when I do this one because I always make it a point to dance around and wiggle my booty to the music. The other one is the party line marching band thing. I think Sandra could be exceptional at this due to her amazing band geekness background. You march to the drums and swing your arms to an on screen pattern to have your guy swinging around one of those drum major/line leader sticks. It is so ridiculous looking, but I love it. 16 days down!