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May 18, 2011

30 for 30 Day 17

I threw my name in the ring to serve a term on Staff Senate at UW. Today was the orientation/planning retreat. I spent 6.5 hours pretty much just sitting in a chair. That actually made me want to do a workout today because I felt so lazy. At least working in the Classroom Building, I can go up and down stairs to open rooms or help with problems.

Tonight, I decided to work out old school. Not old school as in I was going to walk or use hand weights or anything, but old school as in Billy Blanks. That's right folks, I busted out an old Tae Bo DVD and worked my way through their 30 minute workout. It is so weird to switch up the type of workout you are doing. I definitely focused on muscles that I haven't used in a while...not to mention the fact that I look like and idiot while working out. Emerson though it was hilarious though and encouraged me to stick with it. I love that little girl!


Jon Kelly said...

 I love Tae-Bo! :) I haven't done it forever. Way to go!

Jon Kelly said...

Hey, what's happening with 30 for 30?