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May 27, 2011

30 for 30 Day 26

   My back was killing me today.  I did some stretching that I learned in physical therapy.  I also sometimes have my kids sit or stand on my back because it really feels pretty good.  I was not in the mood to work out, but I can't just blow it off.  I pulled out the Wii Fit board and did 30 minutes of step.  Just chugging along!

   Did you know the state of Wyoming does a program where you take a survey, participate in three out of six "classes" and get a physical in exchange for a monthly discount on your insurance premium.  I've already finished my three classes but they are fun to do so I kept going.  Well, I signed up for the newest one recently, only to find out it is a 30 for 30 challenge!!!  They only want you to get 20 out of 30, but still...I am just finishing mine up and now I have to start over again.  Maybe we'll end up with a 60 for 60.