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May 31, 2011

30 for 30 (The Finish)

   Well today is finally day number 30.  I was out of town this past weekend celebrating my birthday with my family so I haven't had a chance to update.  Saturday was day 27 and I did 30 minutes of biking - even though it actually rained/snowed on me.  I hooked the boys up to my bike with the trailer and hauled them over to a fundraiser garage sale for our friend Jason.  With a blanket wrapped over them, the boys did awesome and had a great time.

   Day 28 was the actual day celebrating my birthday with my family.  I had a really good time hanging out with them again because we don't see them nearly as often as I should.  I also managed to score some cash and tons of gift cards to Starbucks.  Sadly, I didn't get 30 minutes in that day.  I did however get to try a Killian's Irish Red and thought that was pretty darn good.

   On Day 29 (Sunday), I picked up a copy of Just Dance 2 for the Wii and danced a bunch of songs with Sandra.  To say I danced is a little bit of a lie though because I have a really hard time getting my feet, legs and pelvis to sync up at all with my arms.  The same arms which incidentally like to flail about as if I were having a seizure.  (Did anyone else just realize that seizure doesn't follow the i before e rule?)  Needless to say, I suck at that game, but it sure did make me sweat!

   Day 30!  It seemed so long ago that I started this.  I just wanted something to try and motivate me to get a little more active and stick with it.  I made sure to get out there and ride because the weather is suddenly amazing if you don't count the windy evening.  I got my 30 and was planning to go to the gym as well, but as life happens, plans change.  Instead, I ended up doing yard work for another half hour.  Still not a bad way to pass the night and I have to say that in spite of the areas where my yard needs some love, it still looks pretty darn good.  Very long lush green grass and then some areas I'm trying to nurse.  It is fun to learn how it all works though.

   Anyway, that wraps up the 30 for 30 challenge.  For anyone counting, I managed to complete 28/30 which still translates to a 93% which is an A in my book.  I'm still considering posting all the food that I eat on this site starting tomorrow.  Not sure if anyone wants to read it, but the thought that people will be reading it might spark me to focus a little better and specifically to stop drinking while I eat.  Totally defeats the purpose of the band.  Thanks for everyone who commented, "liked," or sent messages of encouragement.  I'm glad I did it, and I've really enjoyed being more active.  Just because my 30 days are over doesn't mean I am going to stop getting good activity.  Hopefully you won't stop either.  Thanks for stopping by!!!


Jon Kelly said...

Congrats, man. I think you've shown quite a bit of discipline making sure you did something active on all those days when you could have easily pushed it off.

Jon Kelly said...

Thanks was good to keep up on the challenge.  Now to make it a goal to stick with it!