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May 23, 2011

30 for 30 - Sheesh

This is proof that I'm the worst blogger in the world. I come up with a 30 day challenge and then don't bother to update anyone on what's happening. This post would cover days 18-22. Sorry I can't keep up on this stuff!

Thursday May 19 was another fun day of the Wii. I love doing the marching band thing and someday I am going to get all perfects. I made it with only 7 ok and the rest perfect that night.

Friday, May 20, I walked. Actually, I did the building lockup myself which involves walking lots of hallways and going up and down a lot of stairs too. It actually takes 30 minutes to walk the full building and lock rooms.

Saturday, May 21, was my 31st birthday. Combine that with the fact that the world was going to end and I never got around to working out. That is the second day in the 30 for 30 that I didn't get my job done right. Last time I made up the time, but so far, I haven't felt the motivation to do that. Maybe I will before the 30 days are over.

Sunday, May 22, I set up the Wii Fit free step and did 30 minutes while watching Black Swan with Sandra. It's an interesting movie to say the least with some weird stuff in it. I made sure to point out to Sandra that she chose that movie, not me.

Today was day 22! I did 20 minutes of walking and then another 20-25 minutes of mowing and raking the yard again. I really want to get on my bike, but with Sandra doing some volunteer work that requires flexibility in my schedule, a car is a must those days. Hopefully it will happen again soon.