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June 15, 2011

With Your Eyes

   Many years ago, I went to a concert that was held on a roller rink floor in Denver.  The friends I went down with were going to see some great Christian ska bands - The Insyderz and Five Iron Frenzy.  There was a guy who opened up for them and honestly had no business being there.  I thought he was really good, but he didn't fit their style at all.  His name was Justin McRoberts.  There were a lot of songs he did that I thought were just incredible.  Many of my favorites deal with how we view other people and how we need to look past the external.  He talks about how God sees people and how Christians exclude people.  It is some really good stuff.  I listened to one of his albums this morning and once again his song hit me.  No matter how much I try, I find myself rushing to judgment about people.  I constantly struggle with it, and this song is a good reminder to stop and see where that person is at.  You never know what people are going through.  It is so easy to look happy on the outside but be dying inside.  I couldn't find a video or anything, but if you follow this link, you can listen to the song on Grooveshark.

If I had been far less inclined to
Rush to judgement, anger and ridicule
If I had been far more in love with you

If I had just been more able to
See your scars as what they had put you through
Rather than what keeps me from seeing you

O Lord help me to see them the way You see me

With your eyes I know I would learn to see
Beyond the fall and to the need
With your eyes I know I would learn to see
The only problem here is me

If I had looked close and recognized
It was you in that all too human disguise
I’d have asked to see you with your eyes

Maybe you won’t come packaged perfectly
You could be inside anyone I meet