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July 13, 2011

Blended Foods...

   In 32 days, Sandra and I will head to the airport for a flight to Santa Barbara for her to have surgery on her jaw. It is a huge endeavor and we are worried about her safety in general, the financing of all this stuff, leaving our kids for several is scary.  This past week though, we realized that Sandra is not going to be able to eat solid foods for at least 16 weeks after surgery.  There is a scale the surgeons use to rate the patient, and depending on that level, you get to start eating solids at either 16, 20 or 24 weeks.  That is a LONG time to go without solid food.  It means lots of blending, lots of Ovaltine, and probably a lot of milkshakes.

   My mom dropped by for a visit and suggested that I go through it with Sandra to show my support for her.  I can take care of feeding the kids their normal (mostly) healthy diet, and learn to blend along with my wife.  Having been through Lap Band surgery, I went for a long time without eating solid foods.  I didn't have anything but clear liquids for two weeks.  It is odd that I have the need to cheat the band now, but did so well at the start.  I want to support her though.  It is going to be hard for her to go through that - especially with her sweet tooth.  Maybe I should.  This could be a new challenge for myself.

   They told her that she can expect to lose 20% of her body weight as a result of this surgery.  That sounds about as effective as having a lap band put in!  So what do you guys think?  Is this doable?  Should I try to show my support in this way?  Does it make me a bad husband, or less supportive, if I eat normally during that time?


Stephanie said...

It might not be a bad thing if you did this with her. You've said yourself over the last few months that you're finding more and more ways to "cheat" your band. Going back to where you started might jumpstart things again. Also, having Sandra doing the exact same thing may be encouraging for both of you. Just examine your motivation first. If your goal is to support and sacrificially love your wife by only eating blended foods for as long as she must, then go for it. If it's because you feel sorry for her and are doing it out of pity, or feel like you must or be seen as a schmuck, then pass.

As for what you can make, there are tons of options (and you and the kids can all act as taste-testers). Load up smoothies with yogurt, fruit, and powder supplements (like Carnation instant breakfast or protein powder). Make pureed soups like tomato bisque, french onion, and carrot (load them with veggies and broths and blend them to death). Heck, look at the blends in the baby food aisle for inspiration- sometimes there are pretty decent combos. You may even get the kids to try new foods by letting them help "cook" for mom.

I don't think it would make you a bad husband if you passed on soup for a cheeseburger, or skipped a smoothie for spaghetti. And I don't think Sandra would think any less of you. But knowing that you care enough to go through part of this with her could help lift her spirits (especially on the days when she's sick of anything that is eaten through a straw).

P.S. I just remembered that verse in Proverbs that says "A bowl of soup with someone you love is better than a steak with someone you hate" :-)

Matt Coulter said...

It seems good to me for you to do the blended foods with her! Sacrifice for the sake of love. A little way you can live out the gospel toward your wife and be an example to other people.

This reminds me of shaving your head in solidarity with cancer patients. Nothing lost if you don't do it, everything gained if you do.

Jon Kelly said...

Thanks Stephanie and Matt! I feel like I want to be supportive in this because I remember how hard it was after my surgery. I'm on the lookout for a better blender that will stop stinking up our house as the motor is burning towards its long slow death. I'm actually kind of excited to try and become a soup family. I always have a little bit of jealousy when people can make all kinds of awesome soups. Maybe I'll learn...then blend them all.