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July 6, 2011

Our new whip...

   We have owned our Ford Windstar for five years.  It has been a pretty nice van to us and gotten us through a lot, but it was definitely starting to show its age.  It was a 2002 and it managed to have a good size dent on the door, the power locks were going out, cruise control didn't work a lot, the check engine light has been off and on for a while (mostly on) and the stereo was coming and going.  For the most part, that was cosmetic stuff - except having a stereo for kid music on long trips.  It is a MUST!

   I decided to hop online and look for deals and found a dealer in Greeley offering a good sale on a brand new 2011 Kia Sedona.  Thankfully, they were trying to clear out the 2011 models to bring in the 2012 and this was the last 2011 I could find.  It is midnight black and has a lot of pretty cool features.  We wanted the stow away seating which is super convenient.  I also like the fact that it has bluetooth built in and also has a USB input, so I was able to charge my cell phone with it on the ride home last night.

   The kids were actually really sad about getting rid of our van, but once they jumped in an played with it for a few minutes, they were begging us to take it home.  We almost didn't buy it though. If you've made it this far in my post, you'll be glad you stuck around.  I drove away from the dealer to take it for a test drive.  We were five or ten minutes out and warning lights starting flicking on and off.  Next thing I know, we aren't getting gas and pull off to the side of the road.  That's right folks, the van broke down during our test drive!  I called the dealer and he came to get us.

   Knowing that we drove so far with the kids, and them wanting to make the sale, they started making suggestions.  The battery turned out to be faulty and when we asked for time to talk about it, they actually called in the head of the service department to fix it.  They even offered to finalize a price and do paperwork -  and they would deliver it to Laramie so we wouldn't have to drive down with the family again.  I thought it was pretty darn good service to offer.  They managed to replace the battery and get it working without issue, and gave us a good offer on our trade, so we bought it.  Having a fantastic interest rate didn't hurt either.  They also told us if we bring it down to Greeley for the first oil change, they would cover the cost of the change, fill our gas tank and do a detail on the charge.  Needless to say, I'm glad to decided to go for it.  This obviously isn't the actual picture of our van, but this is the one we got.  Want to go for a ride?