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November 5, 2011

I hate Daylight Savings Time

   I understand why they created it.  If you have more hours of usable daylight, you don't need as much electricity and can spend more time outdoors.  I used to LOVE it.  Especially in the fall when I could get an extra hour of sleep.  Then I grew up.  Then I got married.  Then I had kids. I could stop the post now and if you're a parent, you'd already understand.  Kids don't really get the difference in a clock.  When they naturally wake up at 6am every day, the clock changing to 5am isn't going to have any impact on that.  It just plain sucks.

   I was an early riser as a kid and I am fortunate enough to have two boys that are also early risers.  There's only so much a couple small children can do on their own in a dark cold house early in the morning.  They simply get bored and want a drink, want a snack, want to potty.  It just seems so unnecessary.  I like having more daylight hours, but can't that just be the "norm?"

   Doing some reading the other day, I stumbled across a site talking about the petitions you can create on the website that are supposedly considered for action if over 25,000 people sign them.  I checked it out this morning and created one.  It isn't fancy, but it just states that we need to make Daylight Savings time the normal time and do away with the shifts in the clock. If you're with me, please go sign it and share the link so others can sign on.  There HAS to be 25,000 parents who are tired of dealing with this!!  Thanks for stopping's the link.