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December 5, 2011


   I read a comic a long time ago where one person asked the other one, "Do you know what the most popular day to start a diet is?    ...tomorrow!"  That's the story of my life.  I simply make bad choices because it is easier than making the right choice.  I like to eat complete crap and have no real excuse other than the fact that I like it.  The past few months, I find myself getting increasingly more...sad or maybe lonely is a good word.  I put some weight back on and even when presented with opportunity to make better choices, I simply don't.  I could have followed Sandra's food diet better instead of eating at Jack in the Box every day.

   I am an opportunist.  I eat because things are there and that is where I need to make my first stand.  Last night, I went and bought a few grocery items, including some Three Musketeers bars for Sandra.  Apparently getting her some chocolate meant that I needed stuff too, so I picked up some Reese's Pieces and Whoppers too.  Sandra picked up some shredded cheese for a recipe and because the kids love quesadillas...apparently that means that I need to get chips and make nachos after eating a satisfying dinner.

   I told Sandra at lunch that we should get through the stuff I bought and then I could focus again and work on things.  It's been bothering me ever since.  What is the reason that I need to eat junk food?  I don't want to waste money?  When will I grow up?  Then I started looking over pictures from the months following the surgery. I have definitely made progress from where I started and I am not going back there.  I felt good at that point.  I want to keep that going.  

   I am going home tonight and cleaning out the cabinet.  It is going in the garbage and the bag is going outside to the trash bin.  Hopefully Sandra reads this in time and rescues the things she wants to hide from me because it's all going. Today has to be my tomorrow.