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December 13, 2011


   Last week, I posted a blog about how the most popular day to start a diet was "tomorrow" because it is so easy to put it off.  You can read the full post here but the idea is that I needed to learn to make changes now.  It can't wait because there will always be an excuse to not get going.

   The link on Facebook actually got a number of comments, and I'm very thankful for a pretty amazing support system.  I was going to go home and get my bag of Reese's Pieces and throw them away, but it was suggested by Jillian that I bring them to work and give them away.  I am proud to say that I did that.  They were given away to a student worker in my office who is also a GA.  He gave them out to the students at his final exam.  I bought a few items to make salads at home for lunch and make a pretty conscious effort towards good food choices.  I still stumbled this week.  It's hard.  You just have to keep working towards the good choices and learn to make them more often than the bad ones.  It will get easier over time.

   After one week, I weighed in and managed to go down 6 pounds!  The first week is always easiest've probably seen the amazing results in week one at The Biggest Loser.  Next week is another test for me.  Will I eat the two Hostess pies that were given to me this morning (and are currently sitting on my desk), or will I give/throw them away?  Will I make sure to eat more salads and not drink soda and other empty calories?  The best advice I can give is that those things are not inherently bad things.  Knowing my history, it would be better to plan an occasional Starbucks or trip out for ice cream with Sandra than trying to drop it all.  Over time, it may not be a problem.  I know myself though, and if I deny, I will gorge at the first opportunity.

   It has to be a choice.  I'm still making that choice every day and I hope you do too!


shellycoulter said...

Good job, Jon! Proud of you!

This was my first week back at following the Weight Watchers plan and I weighed in 3 lbs less today at the meeting. I was a little disappointed since I was down 5 lbs a few days ago...but that is probably just normal day-to-day fluctuation. 3 down...27 (or more) to go. :) Haha! :)

I'm glad you are working at I don't feel so alone. Especially since we are both married to people who can eat whatever they want and never gain. Haha! (love you Matt & Sandra!)