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February 20, 2012

The Neti Pot

   Once again, I find myself on antibiotics.  This time, I have a sinus infection, but it is my third round of antibiotics in the past 3-4 months.  I'm so tired of sore throats, stuffy head, pressure and taking pills.  They tried to give me shot before since the medicine was penicillin, but after I heard it had to go in my bum, I opted for the pills.  I guess that was my choice and I shouldn't complain.

   Since my head is so stuffy, my doctor recommended that I use a neti pot at least once or twice a day.  I'm pretty sure I'd heard the name at least once, but I had no idea what this thing is or how it works.  She told me I could get it at any of the pharmacies in town.  "It will really help clear up your sinuses."  So I got one.

   This is the brand I picked up because it's the only one they had.  Since I didn't know how it really worked, I actually took the time to read the manual.  At one point, it tell me to lean forward with my head tilted and stick this little tea pot in my nose and let the water flow up into my sinuses.  It is very reassuring when it says that as long as you aren't leaning back, it won't go in the wrong way.  My first thought is, "You want me to pour water up my nose?!?!"  It just doesn't seem right in so many ways.

   I worked up the nerve though and actually tried it.  I loved it!  I couldn't believe how much it helps clear up my sinuses, even if it doesn't only last for a half hour.  I am willing to pour water up my nose to get clarity like that! Head over to this Google Image search if you want to see it in action.  My nose is MUCH more stuffy though and I never got water to flow like that.  I'm almost jealous!  I'd better try it again when I get home.