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March 29, 2012

Surgery for Sandra

That feels like a weird title since Sandra already had her surgery six months ago.  Right now, we are faced with the prospect of paying for it.  It is such a large sum of money and we've done pretty well covering most of the expense so far.  The amount left is a daunting task though.

A week or so ago, I stumbled across this website called  I saw a link on a page where someone was trying to get donations to buy equipment and stream himself playing video games online.  The crazy thing was that people had actually given him money!  I went to the site just to see how it worked and considered the idea of asking people to help with the costs of Sandra's surgery.  Neither of us are super excited about the idea.  If you've ever had to raise support for something, you know it is an incredibly difficult thing to do.  It is so humbling to have to ask for money...but that's where we find ourselves.

I put up a site for Sandra's surgery costs and posted a long explanation so I won't go into much detail here.  You can check out the chipin site at this link, or if you know you'd like to simply help, the widget to the left will take you to the page to make a donation.  There are also options under the widget to be able to share one on your own website or you can give people the link if you think they'd be interested.  The site is at  Thanks for stopping by!!