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April 12, 2012

Well, I went down to Greeley on Tuesday to get my first band adjustment in a year.  Last time I went, it was with a new doctor that looked at my adjustment using fluoroscopy and said he wouldn't go any tighter.  I stopped losing any weight and got pretty annoyed over the whole thing.  This new clinic in Greeley is far away which is lame, but I loved the change.  The surgeon I went to last was a huge advocate of the more invasive procedures like the bypass and the gastric sleeve.  Well in Greeley, they don't do any of the surgeries EXCEPT lap band.  I had all my standard vitals taken and then met with a nurse who went over my complete history.  Then I met with a Physician's Assistant who would actually do the band adjustment.

She asked me what sort of restriction I had and I told her I didn't have any.  She wanted to clarify if I had issues with food if I took too big a bite or didn't chew well enough, so I explained..."Sometimes, like if I'm eating a bratwurst and take too big of a bite, the bread might get a little stuck so I drink a swallow of water and it goes through."  She replied, "You can eat bread?  You're definitely not tight enough."  It made me laugh.  I explained that I'd be ok with eating yogurt for a couple months and would love to crank it down.

When we actually did the adjustment, she pulled everything out of the band first to see where I was.  What a strange feeling to have my stomach expand for the first time in over a year!  Then she pushed it all back in and you can feel your stomach contracting again.  I was only at 6.5cc but my band will hold up to 15cc.  They don't use fluoroscopy at all because they aren't concerned with how tight it looks. Adjustments are made based on how you feel and how effective it is.  I'm going back in three weeks for a followup and possibly another adjustment.

I'm most definitely feeling restriction.  I'm not hungry at all.  It's complete speculation, but I think it is because my stomach is being held a little tighter and it thinks there is food there or something.  Either way, I managed to get full yesterday with a little bit of pudding.  I attempted regular food at dinner and literally made it halfway through what I was eating a week ago before feeling really full.  I do want to go a little tighter though.  Hopefully we'll kick this into high gear and I'll start to see more results.