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August 27, 2013


It's been a long time since I wrote anything on this blog.  Like so many others, I have a list of reasons why I haven't been able to, but the only true excuse is that I didn't feel like it. There aren't many readers, but mostly the blog is just for me....

Yesterday was my wife's birthday.  In all the business of a last minute trip out of town as a family and my son Braeden's birthday (this past Sunday), I did a VERY BAD JOB of making the day special for her.  It didn't help that it was also the first day of school for the kids.  All of that is just an excuse like the one I can list for not writing.  I just didn't make it a priority.  I did take her to Texas Roadhouse for her favorite steak dinner, but that was buggered by a pretty nasty headache that made Sandra feel sick.  Not the best day.  I knew I needed to do something to make it better or at the least to let Sandra know how much she means to me and the kids.

This morning, I wanted to make it a point to start her day out right.  The kids marched into our room one by one to deliver a card, flowers and a Qdoba breakfast burrito and I trailed in last with a big fountain Coke. Emerson also made her a picture that said Happy Birthday.  It's not much but in marriage and in life, it's really about the small things.

No matter how crazy life gets or how much we struggle with the big things, it's the small things that keep us going.  I think Sandra and I both do a good job most of the time, but this time I dropped the ball.  I want her to know that I love her every day and not just when something big comes up.  That means I need to be intentional about still holding her hand, stealing kisses and hugs whenever I can and focusing on things she likes and not just ignoring the things that please her just because it's not my thing.

She is such an incredible wife and mother.  My heart fills with pride and love when I think about how she loves me and how she loves our children.  Things don't always go the way we want or plan, but I love this family we've built and I'd never change any of it!


Sandra said...

<3 I love you. My make-up birthday was awesome. It is definitely the little things - and you're REALLY good at that.

BTW, my real birthday was not your fault. It really was a crazy day between school, Braeden's birthday, coming from out of town and the headache from hell. So, thanks for trying again to make my day great. You did good. I love you for that!