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October 10, 2013

Kia of Cheyenne Terrible Service

This is the review I left for Kia of Cheyenne after my service experience today. I also emailed this to their corporate offices. If you need to deal with Kia, I'd recommend going to Peak Kia North in Greeley.
They only get 1 star because you can't go any lower. Took our 2011 Kia Sedona to them today (10/10/13) because something has been draining the battery and killing it. They ran diagnostics and determined that the battery needs to be replaced and we have a faulty brake switch. Since the battery is not covered under warranty, it will be a half hour diagnostics charge. I tried to figure out how it made any difference that the battery was bad because they were replacing a part that was covered under warranty. Then his reasoning shifted and he stated the battery was too dead to run diagnostics so he had to charge it first. Then he actually asked me, "How am I supposed to pay my technician for the time your van was in his bay?" Diagnostics would need to be run no matter what and the fact that they found a part that was faulty and covered should have covered any fees for the diagnostics. He accused me of trying to get in a "pissing match" and I explained that wasn't the case. He had my car and he was either going to give it back without charging a fee or he was going to make me pay it. That was in his court and completely out of my control. I told him I felt this was their way of just trying to get money out of me and with service like this I would make my experience known online and to their corporate office and through online reviews. I told him with service like this I would never bring my car back to their dealership again and his response was that it would be a half hour of diagnostics - $45 plus tax. Since we don't live in Cheyenne, my wife had taken the van over and she did indicate that the gentleman who helped her when she dropped off and picked up the van was very nice. That was the only positive part of our experience with them. If you are going to shop or deal with Kia, I highly recommend Peak Kia North in Greeley, CO.